10minuteforexwealthbuilder 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder
Profitability: ★★★★☆
Ease Of Use: ★★★★☆
Customer Support: ★★★½☆
User reviews: ★★★★☆
Overall User Rating: ★★★★☆

10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder is a forex trading system designed to allow beginner to professional traders to make money trading the forex markets.

It’s created by Dean Saunder who claims that by using the 10 min forex wealth builder system, anyone can successfully trade forex in 10 minutes or less a day. But, is 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder a scam?

This 10MFWB consist of two systems. One is breakout system. You enter a trade when price breaks out the support or resistance levels. The manual clearly explains how to identify those opportunities with a high probability. The second one is swing system that based on a large market moves such as price reversal etc.

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Actual Consumer Feedbacks

“I have bought Dean Saunders LMT Forex trading system recently. The current version is 1.8. I have traded it live on the 10th & 11th June’09 after paper trading it for a week. I have traded two pairs GBP/USD from the 10-11th June and GBP/JPY on the 11th June on mini accounts. Both pairs combined made me approx $450 with little or no effort. Following the system manual is the key to using the system profitably. It provides set up signals during the week. This week the system signalled entries on five different pairs on the daily on Wednesday morning. All five pairs were in profit till 1.43am Friday AEST. I expect to trade with it next week as well. Compared to FAP TURBO which I bought and got refunded after two months after the system traded only thrice and some other systems as well, this system looks very promising even though it is a manual system. I aim to trade bigger lot sizes in a months time. Deans email support is very prompt too, he is definiately not a shonk and neither is his system. I have not got paid to write this review by the way and I’m neither Australian nor Yank nor British. Hope this helps…”

Portion of actual user review from forexpeacearmy.com

“Most of the trading systems are not quite easy to use they have their own disadvantages. If a forex software is quite easy to use and understand, then it helps the trader to carry out efficient trading. The creator of 10 minutes Forex wealth builder has kept this issue in mind and made it user friendly…”

Portion of actual user review from ezinearticles.com

“What I really like best about the 10 Min Forex Wealth Builder is that you know your trading entries and exist 24 hours in advance. And it really takes only 10 minutes or less to go through your charts to identify if a trade opportunity exists…”

Portion of actual user review from smarttradingforprofits.com

Our Verdict

The many opinions found online seem to confirm that while it is consistent, it probably won’t make you an overnight sensation and instant millionaire. That isn’t the goal with it though.

In our testing, The 2 strategies are very simple and effective. You will not have much work to do. That is why I suggest you to have another intra-day strategy to occupy your time.

Using the 10 Min Forex Wealth Builder strategies, you only have 3 steps to do. Check condition 1, check condition 2 and place your limit order. You then let the market do the work.

You can come back the next day to monitor your position and trail your stoploss if neccessary.

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Product Name: 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder
Product Type: Forex Trading System
Creator: Dean Saunder
Price: $77
Format: Instant Access
Warranty Information: 60 days money back guarantee
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Official Site: www.10-minute-forex-wealth-builder.com

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