More and more people are starting to use Forex Expert Advisors or EA’s to help them when trading in the forex market. This means that each day countless people are searching for free expert advisor downloads or even cracked versions. While it is true that there are free versions available, you get what you pay for. Do you really want to trust something you didn’t have to put any money into to trade using your money?

Another option you have is to use trial and error to locate the best forex expert advisor. However, how much money or potential profit could this cost you? You also have the option of back testing any you feel have potential, but you can only truly know how well they will work when you use them in live trading situations.

Instead of wasting your valuable time and possibly losing a lot of money testing these free expert advisors, it is wise to simply invest around a hundred dollars for one that is proven to be effective. Purchasing a proven to be profitable expert advisor will allow you to spend time testing a product that could actually pay for itself in the first trade or two. As a matter of fact, in the time it took me to write this paragraph, the expert advisor I use closed a trade that made enough profit for me to cover half of its price.

Some people feel it is better to use cracked versions. However, in most cases utilizing any cracked or pirated software is illegal. Therefore, it is not to wise to use pirated software to trade with your forex account that is heavily regulated by the federal government. Plus, many cracked versions are older versions of expert advisors, meaning you will not have access to important updates or customer support you will get when you purchase an EA. Therefore, the little bit of money you may be saving to get the pirated version really is not worth it.

If you are trying to find the best forex expert advisor, you need to understand that getting a free or cracked version may cost you more potential profit than you feel you are saving. It is much more intelligent to spend your precious time and money on an expert advisor that has been proven to be profitable.

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