Features: ★★★★☆
Ease Of Use: ★★★★☆
Customer Support: ★★★★½
User reviews: ★★★★½
Overall User Rating: ★★★★½

EasyCGI web hosting is providing Linux web hosting services. It has been founded in 2001 and now it’s 8 years in business. Easycgi.com average uptime is 99.858% with total 2824 successful and 4 failed checks (monitored since 2005-06-26).

A nice thing is that Easy CGI supports lots of databases (MySQL, MsSQL, ODBC). They allow you to change the A, MX and CNAME records from your control panel and of course, do all of the standard email/FTP things.

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Actual Consumer Feedbacks

“Easy-CGI sucks. I have used them for over 3 – 4 years now and they have gone from good to terrible. The sites are down very often, the support spits out canned responses for 9 out 10 support requests. The people on the phone are incompetent and have no customer service skills at all. If you want headaches go with these guys but as for me I am leaving first chance I get…”

Portion of actual user review from clickfire.com

“These guys have excellent phone support, they are fast and responsive 24 hours a day (yes, i call them at awful hours of the night). Their technical support staff is incredibly helpful, to the point of hanging out in the wordpress support forums themselves. When i signed up with them, i had no idea how few apps run on IIS, but their excellent support has kept me on, despite the additional difficulty. I would recommend them to anyone looking for simple HTML hosting, ASP hosting, or anyone who’s not looking for a lot out of their wordpress install. Also, in the 2 years I’ve been hosted there, they’ve increased both my storage space and my bandwidth twice. the first time, they increased them fourfold. the second time, they increase one hundredfold…”

Portion of actual user review from webhostingunleashed.com

“Hmmm, everything said below actually sums up my own experience – We were with Webstrike for about 4 years and up-time/service was pretty good. Then EasyCGI came into the picture and it has been nothing but hell ever since. There really needs to be a class-action law-suit brought against these guys because seriously, they are screwing hundreds, if not thousands of customers with completely UNNACCEPTABLE downtimes (especially for email) and then just say they are sorry and decided to take care of it when they feel like it.

We have had email downtime at least 3 times within the past 3 months – one of those downtimes were for more then 48 hours!!! To top it off they lost a bunch of critical emails that somehow just never came out of queue from their servers. HOW CAN A BUSINESS FUNCTION WITH THIS KIND OF DOWNTIME??!!! Does that sound like 99.9% uptime to you? False advertising and loss of data with no compensation seems very shady to me.

If you are looking to sign up with these guys – DON’T! Heed everyone’s warning here and find another provider, that is what I currently doing at this very moment – I am sick of their BS…”

Portion of actual user review from web-hosting-top.com

Our Verdict

Is it reliable and should you buy EasyCGI VPS hosting? So far, according to all customer reviews and feedbacks we don’t give it recommendation.

The general online consensus is that this one is probably not the best investment, however there may be something here if you are willing to give it a shot and try a few things. As always, if you decide to buy run it on a test first to see how it works. If the results aren’t acceptable be sure to return it for a full refund.

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Product Name: EasyCGI, Easy CGI
Product Type: MetaTrader and Expert Advisor Forex VPS Hosting
Creator: easycgi.com
Price: $39.96 per month
Format: Instant Delivery/Access
Offered expert advisors: -
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Official Site: www.easycgi.com

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