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Forecast Trader can be a revolutionary forex trading method that use complex time trading algorithms that create the ForecastTrader every week to come up using a probable prediction for future cost motion. This can be up to 80% precise prediction.

What I like about it is that it’s similiar to Technical analysis and Forecast Trader made its simple by showing you a projected line that predicts the direction, pivot periods and amplitude for a specific market.

General, Forecast Trader will

  • Simplify my trading methodology
  • Trade less by trading only the main industry moves
  • Confirm potential trades with existing program

Another point that Forecast Trader interest me is that like a forex trading strategy guideline, it permits me to possess forecasts to 10 major currency pairs including 7 majors and Three crosses, such as EUR/USD , USD/CAD , EUR/CHF , GBP/USD , AUD/USD , GBP/JPY.

ForecastTraderTheir forecasts predict the path, swings, pivot points, and highs and lows a week in advance. We post our forecasts every single weekend so you are able to get prepared for the week ahead.

ForecastTrader also display you the periods that the large & low pivots are predicted to occur for each forecast. Forecasts Trader work best when trading the main high(s) and low(s) for every week.

However some use our forecasts to look for good intraday trades as well. Whatever your trading style may be, forecast trader can help you trade better and trade profitably.

  • Know what type of trading week is ahead – up, down or flat.
  • Use in conjunction with other trading systems, or simply trade the forecasts on their own.
  • See the predicted highs & lows enabling you to catch most pivots within an hour or much less.
  • Can prepare you to catch large trends before they start, which regularly results in very large profits.
  • New! Automated trading available

My Experience With Forecast Trader

I’ve been trading a live account using their automated MT4 EA for a few months and am loving the simplicity of the system. The track record posted on the site is very accurate when compared to my live results.

January was an amazing month where I created over $3100 on my mini account (around 3300 pips). I’m genuinely looking forward to the rest of 2010. I think I’ve finally found a real winner here.

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