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Forex Auto Advisor is a forex trading robot that was just released this week. It is reported to have posted only 1 loss in the last 9 months which is an astounding claim. Forex Auto Advisor is a forex expert advisor built for the MT4 trading platform that, once installed, advises you on how to trade the Forex market even if you have no knowledge of trading whatsoever.

It takes only minutes to install and start trading. Once installed, it is 100% completely automated and doesn’t require you sitting all day in front of your computer screen.

Forex Auto Advisor Key Features

  • Diversification across the short term AND long term: the robot works on two different time frames.
  • Short time frame – trades frequently, large quantity of trades, more dynamic and intensively “lives and breathes” the market.
  • Long time frame – more “solid”, safe, with lower frequency of trades.
  • Works on two currency pairs , which offers even more diversification.
  • A.P.A.R. – Automated Price Action Recognition: a proprietary set of sophisticated algorithms which use advanced price action analysis to analyze and forecast short and long term market behavior. Does not use lagging indicators! Just dependable price action analysis.

  • T.U.L.D. – Trend & U turn Points Detector – our proprietary analysis algorithm, a culmination of years of intensive Forex market research and hands-on trading experience. Recognizes trends and market turning points well in advance.
  • Works continuously , 24/5 and enters trades during all world trading sessions throughout the day.
  • Automatically supports 5-digit brokers.
  • Automatically supports ECN -type brokers.
  • Stealth Mode / Broker Protection
  • Money Management / Risk Management
  • Recognizes fundamental analysis scenarios and self-adjusts to these scenarios, 100% on auto pilot
  • Monthly Updates

Since Forex Auto Advisor is still so new, I am demo trading with it first so far with promising results. I have to be very comfortable and understand how any expert advisor is going to execute trades before I trade on my live account. If profits continue the way they have been since testing, this indicator will be of great value.

I would suggest you demo trade Forex Auto Advisor too and if it’s not for you, there is a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee so you get your money back and you lost nothing but a little bit of your time.

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