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So What’s Forex BulletProof?

Forex BulletProof EA is a highly anticipated automated forex trading robot from the same team who created highly successful forex products such as Forex Killer and FAP Turbo robot. In this Forex BulletProof review we will examine the performance of the EA, ease of use and reliability.

Unlike its predecessors, Forex BulletProof is developed to be a safe trading solution. You will rarely see this among EAs, but this one actually promises a realistic 5% return on investment per month (as opposed to hyped up EAs that promise millions). So its promise is consistent low risk profit every month.

Forex BulletProof Gives You…

  • Forex BulletProof EA – MetaTrader Version
  • Setup files for 1 Click Easy Installation
  • Detailed user guide
  • Video Tutorials for beginner traders
  • Free Updates For Life

Details about The 2 Main Features

High Voltage ADD-ON: This is for traders who want to take risks and go a little berserk. This little gem goes in the other direction and is a HIGH RISK / HIGH REWARD trading robot that is easily capable of doubling deposits in a matter of days.

To use it, the client should have a secondary brokerage account where you can withdraw the high returns frequently to increase his base capital faster. The risk of losing the deposit is there but the chance of doubling it is greater (about 72%) so once doubled, the gain has to be relocated to the stable base package.

Market Dominator ADD-ON: This supplement consists of the World’s best manual trading systems from a recent competition. Those systems have been successfully used by real live Forex traders to dish in up to 1000% a month in trading.

Of course they didn’t trade with thousands of dollars, but their systems are extremely well thought through and if you want to trade Forex by yourself, next to the gains of Forex Bullet Proof and the High Voltage ADD-ON, this is the way to go.

Forex BulletProof Pros

  • Their members’ area is extremely well designed. It has every FAQ possible, detailed step by step manuals for everything, as well as nice easy to follow video tutorials that will show you screen by screen how to get started. I was extremely impressed. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned forex trader, setting up will be a breeze.
  • Everything is completely automated, you don’t have to lift a finger. With manual systems that require human intervention, you risk the possibility of having human error.. Fortunately, with robots such as the Forex Bullet Proof System, everything is done on autopilot with ZERO human intervention required.
  • It focuses on the short term strategy as well as the long term strategy so that you are pulling in profits essentially endlessly.
  • They have years of live real money trading proof that is third party verified to back up their claims.
  • Created by the developers and traders of some of the best forex trading products out there.
  • It comes with an iron clad 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. So essentially, you are trying it out risk free.
  • It’s reasonable priced. While such systems can and have gone for thousands of dollars, Forex Bullet Proof is affordable to everyone.
  • They offer live chat support, e-mail support, as well as phone support, which most products out there don’t have.

Forex BulletProof Cons

  • I was concerned that we would have to leave our computers on all the time 24/7 to maximize the profit potential of Forex Bulletproof, but that concern has since been alleviated. They recommend using IamFx as the forex broker. IamFx provides free vps hosting for forex robots for their customers so that people don’t have to leave their computer on at all, and can just have everything hosted online. They also have some of the best raw spreads on the market, making Iamfx a perfect combination to use.


Well from what I have seen so far, Forex Bullet Proof seems to be a solid and robust product all around. They seem to have covered all angles starting from the product quality through the installation and setup process to excellent customer service. I feel that other products’ lack both quality and after-sale support.

Forex Bullet Proof has hit that on the dot, and is off to a good start. It’s definitely a great product to try out. First try it out on a demo account, and if at anytime you are not satisfied, just ask for a hassle-free refund. The most you can lose is a little bit of your time. I, personally, highly recommend giving it a shot.

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