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What’s Forex Candlesticks Made Easy?

Forex Candlesticks Made Easy  is a trading system that was developed by Chris Lee which uses 4 candlesticks techniques that give you exact entry and exit points.

The benefits of using Forex Candlesticks Made Easy, is that it shows traders how to follow solely price action patterns as their main indicator.  The system does not use any traditional indicators like Stochastics or Moving Averages.

Forex Candlesticks Made Easy can be applied to any currency, not just the majors. It can also be used on other markets as well, not just forex.

Forex Candlesticks Made Easy claims that most days, all the time that is required for a trade are 30 minutes.

Forex Candlesticks Made Easy Gives You…

  • The ‘big picture’ of how money actually gets made in the currency market, without all the hype about the latest fads. Your future success depends on understanding this
  • The right framework for setting up a trading methodology – and “making money” isn’t all there is to it…
  • The 4 techniques that enable you to understand market behavior…and how to do that with less effort than you might think
  • The most reliable and easiest way to start making HUGE profits in the market
  • The exact charting points to enter and exit your trades …and why they’re so deadly accurate
  • How to read candlesticks like a pro in minutes… you’ll never have to memorize another candlestick pattern again!
  • How to tell whether the market is going to reverse, or is only experiencing a temporary correction…
  • How to tell when the market buyers or sellers are overwhelming the other side… even before it happens
  • The ONE ‘trick’ candle pattern that fools unsuspecting traders into placing low win-probability trades… how to identify and avoid it at all costs
  • How two seemingly identical candlesticks can tell you completely different stories about the market… traders who don’t understand this concept will be tricked again and again without knowing why!
  • The #1 candlestick formation to trade with, and why it’s your secret weapon in your quest for wealth…
  • The biggest and most common mistake made by retail traders when trading with candlesticks… what you must do to side-step this money trap set by the institutional traders
  • The ONE candlestick type that’s absolutely vital to your success (if you don’t understand this, making money in Forex will be like running uphill).

Inside this ebook I have learned all the major chart patterns that can predict price swings and continuations very reliably. Some of these patterns include the shooting star, Marubozu, engulfing patterns that can predict price movements reliably.

Of course, you will need to be more creative when looking for engulfing patterns, since it is harder to find this pattern when the next candle always opens at the same price as the previous candle’s close.

It’s a PDF which explains the forex trading basics and the 4 candlesticks techniques… It’s well-written and not too long so you won’t be bored.  The thing with this product is that it can be applied in others market than the Forex… I mean, it’s a candlestick method so you can use it on every charts of your forex platform but you can also use it for trading stocks or whatever.

Some people will say : “I don’t like it, it’s not precise enough…”. Maybe  but the fact is that it’s working. And what is really great is that you only need 30 minutes each day in order to implement the method.


The thing I like the most about this book is that it isn’t hyped up and marketed to hell. It is in essence a simple guide with solid, concrete strategies that will definitely work.

Should you buy Forex candlesticks? If you are a beginner it will help you to learn the ropes, if you are an expert it will give you some concrete foundations and new strategies. This book is definitely worth buying and is a must have if you are serious about trading.

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