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Is Forex Magic Bullet a scam or does it really earn consistent and huge profits like what its owners are claiming it can do? There is currently very little information available about this product, but it will soon become the talk of the Forex trading industry. Its main unique strength is that it is able to produce very consistent profitable winning trades every day rather trying to take big risks to make bigger wins that cause larger draw-downs.

Forex Magic Bullet’s features

  • Fully automated
  • Requires no prior trading knowledge
  • Easy to install on MT4 platform
  • Works 24/5
  • Comes with a 60 day money back guarantee

Advantages of Forex Magic Bullet

  • Forex Magic Bullet was created to tackle EURUSD only
  • Adopts a swing trading system to take advantage of EURUSD trending nature.
  • Trades last as long as 8 days (based on past history)
  • Some of the trading results include :
    $21,200 profit in 4 Days
    $19,900 profit in 8 Days
    $32,400 profit with 3 Trades in 6 Days
    $9,400 profit in 4 Days
  • You save on spread cost as Forex Magic Bullet only trades EURUSD with the lowest spread of 2 pips. (compare to Gbpusd-4pips or Gbpjpy with 6-8 pips)
  • Your capital is used to squeeze for more profits as the entire system is a pure swing trading system. The forex robot would allow the trades to run for days as long the trend condition stays.

How Does the Forex Magic Bullet Software Actually Help You?

This is the software that has actually made me the most money within a short testing period simply because it does not take as much risks as other robots. FX Magic Bullet is capable of identifying profitable trends developing and then trading with them to profit.

It has been automating my trading for me effectively, taking my emotions out of my results equation when in the past my performance would be negatively affected by my emotions. You should check out its website if you have done so already to see it in action and see how it can create an automated income for you.

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