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So What’s Forex Over Drive?

Forex Overdrive is a two-fold Expert Advisor, it follows a low risk long time strategy with a solid money management to trade for steady long time profit and a has a risky mode for faster trades.

By default it has the money management system on and the EA will try to steadily increase the lot size and grow the account over a long period of time with very few losses. And it gives an option to traders to increase the risk and trade frequently albeit there will be more losses.

Forex Over Drive Gives You…

  • Forex Over Drive comes with live trading proof on turning $150 into $808.54 within 1 month
  • Takes 1 trade per day on average
  • The trading system gets the best performance from EURUSD
  • The risk/reward is rather poor and requires a higher than average winning accuracy
  • The developers have spent 3 years of fine tuning and tweaking before releasing Forex Over Drive
  • Designed to trade on 4 currency pairs

Forex Overdrive system is based on advanced algorithms, has a built in money management and trade management system which enable it to achieve the results as displayed on the official website. Additionally, the software has a built-in broken protection system.

Forex Over Drive Pros

It has very few losses. There are positive reviews and live statements that can be found on the internet. Forex Overdrive focuses on long term growth, opposed to going for it all and losing everything in one shot.

Forex Over Drive Cons

Occasionally, it has a somewhat high drawdown, but this is compensated by the high win to lose ratio. The software settings cannot really be tweaked too much as I have found the software generally did not function as great after the tweak.

Thus, you may not want to really change the default setting because it functioned the best on default settings.


Forex Over Drive is a unique trading robot that has been proven and tested. It predict the forex market, turn volatility into cash . This is absolutely a 100% innovative forex trading system, hands free forex trading robot that was designed to give you real financial security.

This is a one of a kind forex trading robot that delivers result. This is not a scam and not one of the ripoff that has been widely spreading on the marketplace. A must try forex robot for everyone who wish to make huge amount of income from forex trading.

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