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The team that bought to you Forex Enforcer and Forex Decimator is back with an new improved EA called Forex Torpedo. It is suppose to be a superior version over the both EA after improving the weaknesses and also implementing other strengths based on the members’ feedbacks.

Works in multiple market conditions. The main flaw with the earlier forex robots was that once the market conditions changes, the profits’ stability would drop as well. After spending months of analysis, Forex Torpedo is designed and tested to work in any market conditions, whether be it trending or non-trending.

Changes quickly according to current data. The complex programming inside Forex Torpedo allows it to adapt to the current market condition. This is the main reason the forex EA can work in any market conditions . It will quickly change its trading approach using the current data and not rigidly sticking to the past historical data.
LIVE trading results will be available

The FTS team has promised to release the LIVE trading results of Forex Torpedo to back up its claims.

So you can judge for yourself on the REAL profitability of this forex EA. You can monitor the performance on a daily basis before owning this forex robot.

Some other features of Forex Torpedo

  • Typical Metatrader 4 installation (one click EXE installation)
  • Full automated trading without your intervention
  • Built-in money management to protect your capital (I would suggest you to only allocate what you can lose to Forex torpedo)
  • Free upgrades for life
  • 24 Hours support

What is the Forex Torpedo Software All About, and Does It Really Work?

You should check out the video on its website if you have not done so already. It shows you how the robot was able to make $92,000 from a small starting capital of less than $10,000 within one year. The software runs on complete autopilot once you have set it up and running. Its performance so far in the beta testing period looks very promising but will need a longer time to prove itself.

The robot uses a systematic, artificial intelligence approach to behave like a human, analyzing charts in different time frames to confirm signals before making a move. Once it has opened a position, it will monitor the position and close the trade completely on its own when the trend is about to reverse.

What is the Advantage of Earning from Forex Using the Forex Torpedo Software?

The biggest advantage of making use of this robot is the fact that it can eliminate the need to sit in front of your computer screen all day staring at the price charts. With an automated trading software like this, you can simply observe what the robot is doing, making sure that it is running its commands correctly.

The robot will monitor the market 24/7 regardless of whether you are watching it or not, thereby ensuring that you get into every single profitable opportunity and not missing out on any one of them.

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