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What is The Forex Ultimate System?

The Forex Ultimate System is a complete signal service where you receive trade signals from Bob and his trading team. These signals will be sent 24 hours a day, with you receiving them almost instantaneously once they are sent by Bob, in fact you will have them in just 1.5 seconds.

At that point you have the option to take the trade and put it on your live account or enter it on a demo account which you are using. Thirdly you can just sit back and watch without placing the trade. The final choice is yours.

Forex Ultimate System Gives You…

  • Bob’s EXACT Trades sent Directly to Your Desktop in 1.5 SECONDS
  • Access to a Community of Traders with 24/7 Chat Room
  • Bob’s WEEKLY Signal Webinars (2-4 Per Week)
  • World Class U.S. Based Customer Support

Who is the Forex Ultimate System Intended for?

The Forex Ultimate System is geared towards beginners and experienced traders alike. Beginners can easily use these trusted signals to place trades on their own without having to rely on some shoddy forex robot.

Additionally, Bob will not only be providing you with the signals, but he will teach you the strategy by which he trades upon. Thus educating you in the process. Experienced traders can also use these signals if they are looking for additional trading signals that can earn them some extra pips every day. These signals can work alongside of any existing trading strategy.

Forex Ultimate System Pros

  • The core training system is delivered 2-3 days a week.
  • Live coaching webinars with Robert.
  • 24/7 live support.
  • Tons of supplemental support content.
  • 17 Years of Professional Trader, Analyst, and Coach Experience.

Forex Ultimate System Cons

  • This course is only available online.
  • It’s not Get Rich Quick course. You’ll need to do some works to become successful.


What’s really amazing is that the system has a money-back guarantee which entails refund of money if the original amount does not inflate in 60 days. At the end of the video tutorials, one is expected to have proficient skills in the Forex market, making him a good tool for revenue-making.

Robert Iaccino is a renowned world expert of the foreign exchange market. His appearances in various shows and magazines make him a reliable source of information. Robert has given about 300 financial reviews in various forms of media and regularly appears at CNBC, Bloomberg, FOX Business, CNN Money and other financial news channels. He truly is a remarkable analyst who has mastered the system for himself.

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