Million Dollar Pips

If you have ever tried your hands on foreign exchange business with the hope of pulling a million dollar pips, it is most likely that you have had one of your accounts erased completely. Your initial attitude was to enter into the foreign exchange market with high hopes of gaining but not loosing. Majority of investors with low expectations, however, have had their dreams turn positive, but may have their entire foreign exchange invested capital swallowed within a short duration. Indeed it is a worst case scenario to be caught in a web of bad business, with no preset stop loss.

Honest Million Dollar Pips Review

A case example could be an individual who has had clear conscience as well as necessary discipline in his or her foreign exchange trading. His accounts have been building slowly but steadily. At an instance when he pulls out a huge breakout win that sees him make a lot of money with a million dollar pips strategy, the person closes his or her position and pockets profit. He feels greatly rewarded as he convinces himself never to engage in any trading for remaining hours of the day. At say, after twenty minutes later he notices that there is a price break through to the next support level and witnesses a price drop 60 pip in a time of three minutes. This person still remains pessimistic, fearing that the prices could make a quick reversal. The price plunges further 60 pips to touch the ground and continues to dangle over a round number for some few minutes.

A second thought strikes this person and immediately resolves to make another million dollar pips move. He then jumps into business and chooses to dispose as high as six times more that he usually would. When he initiates such an action, the inevitable occurs-the prices springs back from the exact point he places his sell order. The price continues to soar higher, say 40 pips and he continues placing another short position, this continues until this person he finds himself in a position where the price could only go against his wishes, 80 pips before a margin call.
As he can no longer short any further, due to his tight margin.

Million Dollar Pips Review

At this point this person could only hope that the price makes a u turn. While sitting in front of his personal computer; chewing his nails like a restless tiger-the person feels cornered with no options to take. But as he ponders on what action to take, his conviction does not allow him to take 20% loss. He is even ashamed to relay this to his family especially after pulling a million dollar pips in the first place. As he keeps on hoping for price reversal, it keeps on rising as his account equity reduces. With the hope of recovery hanging in the balance, his free reduces to nil, at which time his broker freezes all his propositions as he is left with some twenty percent balance.

Million Dollar Pips – Conclusion

This may sound familiar to you but may not have occurred in the same way. Attempting to strike a million dollar pip without expecting to loose, similar principles apply. Human beings are bound to make mistakes. If you believe that you have all it takes to be a successful business person, it is worth dedicating yourself to learning about the tips that would make you pull a million dollar pips at the right time.

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