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Hello, friends and fellow Forex traders and thank you for trusting me with your time to read this no holds barred review of one of the most hyped and highly expected Forex launches this year: The Surefire Trading Challenge by Mark McRae.

If you have not lived under a rock these last months I am sure you have heard about the SureFire Trading Challenge? But Is Surefire Trading Challenge scam or not? Does it really work? If you haven’t, here is the deal: Mark McRae, a veteran Forex trader and ‘guru’, held a Forex trading contest some months back which he called, yes you guessed it: The Surefire Trading Challenge.

The rules of the competition was simple. The one trader who made the most money in one month would win Mark’s contest and join his team. Why was this so attractive a prize? Except for the money, the winner made over 2900%, you also get to rub elbows with the man himself Mark McRae.

As you can read elsewhere on my site, Mark McRae is a highly respected and very very successful Forex trader and has been so for many years going strong.

Surefire Trading Challenge scamThe only condition to join in Marks competition was that the winners had to publicly disclose their trading systems to Mark’s subscribers. These contests resulted in 25 new profitable Forex trading systems.

These Forex systems are what Mark is allowing his subscribers to get with the Surefire Trading Challenge Relaunch! Very interesting to say the least. But can we be sure that these Forex trading systems work?

How do we know we can make money from them? That’s what I am going to go over in this Surefire Trading Challenge Review right here for you! I was very lucky to get my hands on this product before it went live and I have tested it out extensively so you can make the right decision.

Who Is Mark McRae?

When I buy a new product I like to know something about the guys behind the wheel, so to speak. I want to know if they really are who they say they are.

I mean, if they can’t prove to me that they can make money, how can I expect them to make money for me? Right? So I took a look at the guy behind the product.

Mark McRae is a former professional forex trader. I haven’t been able to determine exactly where he was working, probably a non-disclosure agreement, but rumors in the industry have it Mark was employed in a very high level institution before he quit to go solo.

Think top 3 financial institutions. With the way many banks have completely failed recently, I can understand why Mark chose to get out. In fact, thats one of the reasons he mentions to me, he was tired of making money for his incompetent bosses.

He found out, he could make much more money trading for himself. Of course this didn’t make him very popular with the establishment, but I think he is OK with that.

Anyway, Mark McRae went on to set up a very successful membership site, which culminated in the Surefire Trading Challenge this year. This is the membership site that you will get access to if you decide to purchase his product.

What Do You Get With The Surefire Trading Challenge?

Surefire Trading Challenge is the whole package. I must say, I have been very pleasantly surprised by this product! I consider myself to be one of the top 10% amateur traders online and I was literally blown away by the value this package has.

OK, lets look at what you get:

  • Access to the winners of the Surefire Trading Challenge. There are now 25 of the top systems there.

Surefire Trading Challenge reviewThis is the real GOLD here! These trading systems are the one’s that the entire community has been wanting to get their hands on, since the results of the competition were revealed! I have been lucky to test out one of these and was amazed at how simple and easy it was to follow the same trading strategy.

It is still to early to say, and I don’t want to brag, but so far I seem to be even a little above what I should expect. I must say, for someone who only trades for the sport, this really has made me considering turning pro.

  • Live training once a week from a professional trader & Live Trading Coach

This is a very nice extra from Mark. We get to have a live video conference with an experienced and seasoned trader once a week. Tutoring is perhaps the most important aspect of Forex trading, so I am very happy to see that Mark agrees.

  • Video of the month from members of the club

This is going to be exciting as this community grows and we can learn from each other as we try to be the best.

  • One of the most active forums on forex trading anywhere

I have said it many times before, but support and encouragement is alpha and omega in this business. Use all the tools you have available to you.

  • Professional traders ready to help members with any trading problem

Finally we have support from professional traders standing by to answer questions 24/7.

Is It Worth It? Does Surefire Trading Challenge Deliver?

In one word: YES!

Recommended: Before you start trading on live accounts, why not make sure the trading method works for you first.

Just download and install the etoro forex platform and you can start practicing your forex skill. If you are ready to start trading with real money, just open a live trading account.

I am not easily swayed by hype and promotion and I went into this cautiously even though I’ve heard of Mark from previous products.

But to be honest, this product is pure gold for anyone who wants to improve as a trader and be more profitable as a forex trader.

The 25 systems are a guarantee for success, well, at least until the rest of the world catches on. This is why Mark must limit the amount of people he lets into this community so the integrity of these systems are kept in tact with his members only.

That’s why I strongly recommend you to join up NOW before the secret gets too much exposure.

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