Each internet business will reach a certain point where it begins to get to big for simple shared hosting. Using shared hosting is a great way to get yourself established and proving your existence, but it is not enough to bring in the real money when you get to a certain period in your growth. You will need something a bit more powerful for you hosting needs.

There are two main choices for your hosting needs when you want something with a bit more power. Those who have all the money in the world are capable of using dedicated hosting, where a single server is fully dedicated to one company. This comes with great service and a highly secure system with great uptime. But there is a cost for this. It can be much too expensive for small and even medium companies to put dedicated servers to use. But there is no need to worry. For situations such as this there are VPS servers.

Through VPS hosting you can split a single server up into many virtual ones. Using this VPS service each person subscribed will enjoy the same services and security that comes with being on a dedicated server. Basically, with a VPS each customer will not even know their service is not dedicated. Each VPS server sports it’s very own booting processes along with the necessary software and applications. Each of them have their own security systems, web servers, and of course mail servers.

Thanks to the Hyper-V technology the Windows 2008 VPS hosting is not a much more powerful as well as reliable system. The Windows 2007 was not able to compete effectively with other server hosting technologies that were available on other systems. But when Windows VPS came out with the Hyper-V technology, there is a significant jump in its processing power providing a much better hosting service.

There are many advantages in using Windows VPS for your hosting needs. The administrator is the one who gains the most noticeable advantage however. The interface for this service very familiar to any windows user and quite easy to use even if you are new to this whole process. It is incredibly easy to get started thanks to this interface. Because of how easy and familiar the interface the VPS system is, many people have no problem using Windows VPS hosting.

Now with a new boosted security, Windows VPS hosting is much more secure. This makes it much more easy to enjoy running all the intricate programs and various software on your website.

But there is a downside, it takes a lot of resources from the server to run the Windows VPS hosting. But even now there is the Windows 2008 Secure Core Technology which is making this less of a problem. It can cost a bit more to use Windows VPS hosting in comparison to Linux VPS hosting. The expense is mainly from the license cost. While Linux is a very open source program, it takes no license to run. But in order to put all the various hosting services of Windows VPS you need to purchase a license.

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